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The Tug Fest has become one of the major events of the summer in the Quad City area. This is a three-day event, featuring a one of a kind tug-of-war across the Mississippi river where only the strong survive.

This year promises to be even better than our previous festivals. We have large crowds through out the event. On Friday night we have the largest fireworks display in the two-state area, plus stage entertainment until midnight. Saturday brings a full day of scheduled events with The Tug in the afternoon followed by stage entertainment until midnight.

If you are interested in becoming a Port Byron Tug Fest Vendor we would be glad to have you fill out an information sheet and send in a packet describing your set-up along with pictures. Please download the form below and send it in with your information, we will get with you as soon as we can.

If you are interested in becoming a Port Byron Crafter, please complete the application below.
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